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Pauline Silence Testimonial

"I've walked more in the past week, since I've had the stimulator, than I have all year - my stick is now redundant."

Des Fitzgerald Testimonial

"I find it a great help and I’ve experienced no problems with it at all. The people up at the clinic are excellent, I wear it everyday."

Victor Kemp Testionial

"It changed my life. One minute I was struggling around with a walking stick and the next I could walk without it. It gave me confidence and I’m no longer dependent on other people – I can just go."

Nigel Wolstenholme Testimonial

"FES has enabled me to get my life back. I have done things and gone places I could only dream of a few years ago. I can look at the world again instead of my feet and I am no longer always looking for a soft place to land next time I fall over."

Mrs J Marshall Testimonial

"The ODFS® Pace has given me my life back and I can't imagine life without it. I am now able to do things around the house like cooking and cleaning. It also stops me relying on people all the time."

Mr J Green Testimonial

"The stimulator is enabling me to have a great time here in Cyprus. The FES is coping well with weather. Not quite climbing mountains like a goat, but do a fair impression!"

Alison Clark

"I have been using a single channel stimulator for foot drop, due to MS, for 5 years. I wear it every day and it has allowed me to carry on working full-time. It is the single most helpful thing in this journey as a patient, and has allowed me to remain as active as possible. I can't praise the Odstock Medical staff enough!”

Claire McDonald Testimonial

"It is impossible for me to overstate the benefits FES has for my life."

Sylvia Golding Testimonial

“One day I was in a wheelchair, the next day I was walking! FES has changed my life.”